What Can I Expect in a Portrait Session

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What can I expect in a Portrait Session? 

A photo session is more than just what happens the day of… And it doesn't matter if it's family or high school senior session or an engagement or wedding.  It is a process that can start weeks, (or in the case of weddings, months) prior.  The process also extends beyond the session itself, where I finalize edits, retouch, order and deliver your products.  There is a lot that goes into your session!! 

My goal is to create a personal, customized experience for my clients which starts with YOU.

Here is what the process looks like…and the very important part you play in getting the most from your session:

  1. Before the consultation:

          This is the fun part! Think about your style and what you are looking for from your session.  Are we doing serious headshots, a fun senior session, a sweet engagement session? From locations, to poses, to props, and wardrobe.The internet (and Pinterest) is a wealth of ideas and should be used as inspiration.  I focus on making this is YOUR session and it should be unique to you, not a re-creation.)

  1. The consultation:

          For me, this is where I start to get to know more about you.  Tell me about what you like, your hobbies, what makes you happy.  Talking about these things helps you relax and feel more comfortable with me and may also give me ideas of things/places to incorporate into our session.  It's also the beginning of, what I hope will be, a lasting relationship.  I never just want to be "a vendor".  But you also get to know me as well.  Ask me questions, look through my portfolio, and figure out what approach you’d like to see in your session. If you’ve found great inspiration in the previous step, bring it along. Think about how you want to use your images (wall art, albums, save the dates, etc.). Then we can refine what you want to convey through for your session and start thinking about what products will help achieve this! 

  1. Finalizing the Details:

          After determining a location, we will confirm a date and time, and based on those factors, finalize clothing, props and poses.

  1. The SHOOT!!!

          The day has finally arrived!!! I will take a few minutes to catch up and take a few test shots before we really get started.  Then.... Have fun!! Relax!! Trust me! If you do that, your photos will naturally look better!! If at any time, you are feeling awkward or nervous, we can take time to pause and work through that.  

     4a. Yes, there is some posing involved…yes, I know.  I can hear you groaning.  Yes, most people feel awkward and sometimes the poses feel awkward.  But as a professional, I understand how the camera “sees” is not the same as how we see and that helps me help you look your best for images you will love!  But I will help you feel more comfortable and confident during this process.  

     4b. I promise, we will have lots of fun in the process!

  1. Post Processing:

          I review each image carefully and select only those that meet my quality standards.  Then I will color correct your images, crop, check for highlights and shadows, and do a little retouching.  Retouching is done by hand, not presets or filters.  Then, I will post a few “best of the best” or “sneak peaks” to social media and/or my blog.

  1. The Preview and Ordering Session:

          We will schedule a time (typically during the consultation) for a date, approximately two weeks after the session, to oooh and ahhh over your beautiful images and order your custom products. (Payment is due at the time of the ordering session.I do offer payment arrangements but payment is required in full before product delivery.)

  1. Final delivery:

         Turnaround time for delivery is based on the specific products you order.  Once your final prints/products are delivered to me, they will be available for pick up and I will contact you to make arrangements for that.

  1. Now you get to enjoy your images! Whether you have chosen wall art or a custom album for your coffee table, you and your family will be able to enjoy them for years to come!!



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