Santa Experience Mini Sessions


 So here are the answers to a few questions we've been asked!

What is the cost? 


What does the session fee cover?

That covers Santa's time and our time in the studio.  You will receive 3 digital images of your choosing.  Prints, wall art, and a la carte items are available for purchase.  

Do I provide digital images?

3 social media sized files of your choosing and perfect for sharing, are provided with the session fee.  Print packages, wall art, and even Christmas cards are available to purchase separately.  

What does the experience with Santa include?

Our goal for our Christmas sessions is to capture your child's time with Santa in a way that tells a story.  Santa will be interacting with the children, and I will be capturing all the magic.  We are even happy to customize your child's time with Santa.  We will send a brief questionnaire asking about your child's favorite things, pet's names, hobbies... so that Santa can specifically mention these things during his time with them to add to the magic.  If you'd like to include a special gift during the session, we can make that happen too!

We will also be providing some seasonal treats and a hot chocolate bar.  Please keep in mind, while we recognize the severity of food allergies and regularly deal with those in our family, we cannot make any guarantee regarding allergens/allergy free items.  

Please contact us if you have any other questions!!! 

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